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Our website contains a great range of Pug merchandise for every Pug lover and Pug owner. The products we have available include Pug Throws, Pug Cushions and Pug Shoulder Bags. 


So if there's a Pug lover in your life, choose from our range Pug gifts by clicking on the following link:



The pug throw available measures 54 inches by 54 Inches and is made from 100% all natural high-quality cotton.


The Pug shoulder bags are constructed of high quality, 100% natural cotton. Measuring 17" wide by 17" tall with two black canvas straps, the bag can hold an array of items.


The Pug Cushions are made from 100% natural cotton and measure 17" by 17". The cushion pad (inner) complies with the furniture and furnishings regulations 1988 and is removable.


All our Pug merchandise is manufactured to the highest standards and can be purchased with the knowledge that we offer a full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied with your purchase.



Pug Products Currently Available


Pug Clock On Welsh Slate


Pug Coaster On Natural Welsh Slate


Pug Family Doormat


Pug Fridge Magnet On Natural Welsh Slate


Pug Throw


Pug Decorative Doormat


Pug Shoulder Bag


Pug Tapestry Cushion


Pug Tapestry Cushion


Pug Throw



General Information On Pugs


According to the London Zoological Society, the Pug is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Its origin lies in China, some 700 years B.C. It is believed that sailors from the Dutch ´Oost Indische Compagnie´ were the first to bring the Pug to Europe. In the 15th and 16th centuries, Pugs came to Holland, Germany, England, Spain, and Russia. Pugs first came to America shortly after the American Civil War.


The Pug shares the same origin as the Pekingese but is not a relative of Bulldog, a common misconception.


The Pug is a very sociable dog. Pugs can be very stubborn, though. Pugs are true companion dogs. For this reason, Pugs are very people oriented. Pugs are popular as house pet, as they do not need a big yard or a big house to live in.

They require regular exercise, and some Pugs will walk for over an hour. In any case however, it is important to make sure they do not overheat, as their short noses sometimes do not cool them off enough. Pugs are generally compatible with most (preferably bigger) children, dogs and other animals.

While most Pugs do not bark a lot, they still can be quite noisy. Many Pugs make a grunting nasal noise, which increases when they get excited. Pugs can snore very loudly, especially if overweight.

Since Pugs are shorthaired, they do not need a lot of brushing. They do shed a lot and brushing helps keep the hairs off your clothing.

The nose wrinkle (the deep one, just over the bridge of the nose) needs to be cleaned with a damp facecloth. Pugs tend to get nose and ear infections very quickly. Therefore, also the ears need to be checked and cleaned regularly. Pugs can hate the grooming ritual sometimes, so teach your Pug early on that this is standard practice and it isn´t that scary. Never yell at the dog, this only makes them more scared.

Pugs can be trainable with quiet patience and understanding. Never yell and scream at your Pug or hit your Pug. Pugs learn best with positive reinforcement. The best way to housetrain a Pug is to praise them every time they do their business outside. Pugs have a great willingness to please, but they do need positive encouragement.


Pugs love to eat, a lot. Watch your Pugs weight, because overweight Pugs will have trouble breathing and walking. Obesity greatly increases the chances of serious health problems. Raw vegetables make great snacks, as they are low fat and crunchy.

12/10/2019 The new bench cushion with ties has arrived safely and looks very good- thank you. Linde, Ledbury

10/10/2019 Thanks so much for the cushions, they arrived safely yesterday and they are splendid and a perfect fit! Thanks for your attention to this order - they were worth the wait. Lorna, Hartlepool

23/09/2019 I will certainly return the cushions and will reorder as advised. It has been a pleasure doing business with you! Have a great Sunday and thank you very much. Julie, Salisbury

12/09/2019 I ordered a custom bench pad from you in 2016 and wondered if I can order another, in the same size & fabric, if still available? The one I bought in 2016 still looks good - I have just bought an additional bench! Linde, Leddington

28/08/2019 Super customer service, my wife was very happy with the Bertie Bristles doorstop! Yves, Leper, Belgium

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