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Our website contains a great range of German Shorthaired Pointer products for every German Shorthaired Pointer owner and German Shorthaired Pointer lover. The products we have available include German Shorthaired Pointer Throws, German Shorthaired Pointer Cushions and German Shorthaired Pointer Shoulder Bags.


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The German Shorthaired Pointer shoulder bags are constructed of high quality, 100% natural cotton. Measuring 17" wide by 17" tall with two black canvas straps, the bag can hold an array of items.


The German Shorthaired Pointer  Cushions are again made from 100% natural cotton and measure 17" by 17". The cushion pad (inner) complies with the furniture and furnishings regulations 1988 and is removable.


The German Shorthaired Pointer  throws measure 54 inches by 54 Inches and are made from 100% all natural high-quality cotton.


All our German Shorthaired Pointer merchandise is manufactured to the highest standards and can be purchased with the knowledge that we offer a full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied with your purchase.



German Shorthaired Products Currently Available


German Shorthaired Pointer Tapestry Wall Hanging


German Shorthaired Pointer Throw


German Shorthaired Pointer Shoulder Bag


German Shorthaired Pointer Tapestry Cushion


German Shorthaired Pointer Throw

General Information On German Shorthaired Pointers

Originally bred in Germany, the German Shorthaired Pointer was developed to carry out the work of at least three specialised Gundog breeds. The German Shorthaired Pointer comes under the KENNEL CLUB classification of HUNT, POINT and RETRIEVE breeds.

The German Shorthaired Pointer unlike other breeds remains true to its beginnings. Other Gundog types, i.e.; the English Springer Spaniel or the Labrador have a noticeable division within each breed. A Labrador bred purely for the show ring is barely recognizable as the same breed when compared for one bred for the field.  Most show dogs will lack the drive and initiative to do a full days working the field and a work bred dog will probably not fit the recommended standard to compete in the show ring.


This is not the case with the German Shorthaired Pointer. Whether bred for show or field work it can and does compete  in both activities successfully.  So far breeders of the German Shorthaired Pointer have been very careful to maintain the Dual Purpose nature of the dogs they have bred, which is why the breed can boast of having several Dual Champions within its ranks i.e.: dogs that are not only FIELD TRIAL CHAMPIONS but also SHOW CHAMPIONS.  This is a rarity in many Gundog breeds.


The German Shorthaired Pointer is bred to work, ideally in a shooting environment but you do not have to shoot over a GSP.  There are many other ways to give him the mental stimulation he craves. Eg: Obedience, Agility, Working trials, Gundog training or Field Trials..  If none of these appeal to you with a bit of imagination, a ball or favourite toy...the sky is the limit.


A bored German Shorthaired Pointer can be very trying!  The dog may become very destructive and noisy leaving its owner in no doubt that it is bored and frustrated.  The first sign that something is wrong may be finding your shoes chewed,  or kitchen floor destroyed.  So you solve the problem by putting him in the garden...WRONG!  GSPs love gardening especially excavation.  When tired of digging, weeding, and pruning your plants  he may then dig up your lawn before escaping over the fence.  You must obviously have a secure garden to contain him.


He needs to know his place within the family unit and who is the Boss.  He also needs to know that when you say ´NO´ you mean it.  DISCIPLINE and OBEDIENCE are vital to the well being of a German Shorthaired Pointer.  The breed is not only physically strong but also very obstinate and will take advantage of any suitable situation if allowed.  He must be taught right from wrong at an early age.


A GSP is not aggressive by nature.  If aggression is present it is usually directed from one adult male to another but can be dealt with  at an early age.  Aggression towards humans is almost unheard of although a large outgoing male can be intimidating to those who do not know the breed.  One of their most endearing traits is their love of people and unless brought up from  a very small puppy to kennelling will prefer to live as one of the family. They are remarkable for their companionship traits and do not thrive away from people. They can be aloof to strangers but are extremely loving and loyal to their family and friends.  They make good house dogs but on the whole are not good barkers.. However, if taught to bark at the door, they will never forget.


The average size for a German Shorthaired Pointer is about 21-23 inches for a bitch and 23-25 inches for a dog. 


The German Shorthaired Pointer is a handsome and noble companion and can be a great source of fun and amusement. They are not the easiest of breeds and need constant supervision, stimulation and companionship.  They have an average life expectancy of 10 to 12 years so obviously need long term commitment.



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