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 Our range of Lhasa Apso Gifts include the Lhasa Apso Tapestry cushion, the Lhasa Apso throw and Lhasa Apso shoulder bag. Our range of gifts is ideal for any Lhasa Apso lover or owner. 

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Lhasa Apso Shoulder Bag

Lhasa Apso Tapestry Cushion

Lhasa Apso Throw

Lhasa Apso Waggy Dogz Cushion

General Information On Lhasa Apso

The origin of the breed´s name is a matter of controversy. In Tibet, the Lhasa is called abso seng kye, which indicates a barking, sentinel lion dog. Most numerous around the religious capital of Lhasa, the resulting combination might have contributed to his Western name. There are those that feel the name came from the Tibetan word rapso, which means goatlike, a description of the coat. In Britain, he is sometimes called, more generically, the Tibetan Apso.

Documented evidence exists that, for centuries, the Dalai Lamas-the spiritual heads of Tibet-sent gifts of small lion dogs to the imperial courts of China as tokens of esteem and good fortune. These dogs were incorporated into the strains of Chinese dogs and helped in the formation of breeds such as the Shih Tzu and Pekingese. The last of the Manchu empresses was known to have bred the Lhasa Apso Dogs into her Chinese dogs "to improve coat."


Lhasa Apso dogs began to appear in the West around the turn of the century, brought back by British explorers, emissaries and other travellers to Tibet. There was much confusion at first, with shaggy Oriental dogs of a variety of sizes being called "Lhasa Terriers." It was only later that authorities distinguished between the leggier and longer headed Tibetan Terrier and the smaller Lhasa Apso. Many early Shih Tzus also may have been a part of this confusion. But by the 1930s, the Lhasa Apso had his own identity and a supportive breed club in Britain. The breed was introduced into the United States about this same time, from an initial pair given as gifts by the 13th Dalai Lama to visiting Americans, the C. Suydam Cuttings, forming the famed Hamilton line. In fact, the dogs in Tibet were never sold, but given away to esteemed friends as good luck talismans that kept evil spirits away.

Later, when the Shih Tzu first arrived in the States, they were mistakenly registered as Lha-sas. Some of these dogs were naturally bred to Lhasa's, causing a great deal of trouble between breeders. Even today one will find stress placed on the "pure Hamilton line," indicating no Shih Tzu blood flows in their veins.

The Lhasa has become a favoured companion dog in many modern nations. His small-but not toy-size combined with his surprising hardiness and ability to distinguish friend from foe have endeared him to many. Owners are amazed by his ability to adapt to a variety of climatic conditions and lifestyles, but he does need human contact to fulfil his destiny. Despite their natural companionability with man, some can be a bit strong-minded, and early introduction to rules and firm, loving discipline are recommended.

They are well known for their longevity; dogs of 18 are not uncommon and one champion of this breed lived to be 29! In the show ring, the Lhasa is the ultimate in coiffed glamour, with hair completely covering his eyes and head and reaching the floor. Even those specimens intended as pets require regular grooming to prevent a disaster of tangles and mats.


10/07/2020 Received my doorstops today. They are awesome. Thank you! Linda, Ypsilanti, United States

09/07/2020 Just to say that my cushions arrived yesterday and I'm delighted with them - a perfect fit and beautifully made, thank you. Thank you for all your helpful correspondence, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company. Doreen, Cranleigh

02/07/2020 I've just received my cushions and they are perfect. The colour and size is exactly as described on your website. So pleased to have found your site, I'll definitely be recommending you to family and friends. Sam, Billericay

18/06/2020 Just to let you know that the 4 black seat pads have arrived quickly and safely. They are fine and I am very pleased with them. Thank you for your excellent service. Angela, Bolton

16/06/2020 Thank you so much for the sea dog cushion, fast postage and well packaged. A quality item at a great price here it is in situ in our boat, I Love it. Thanks again Diana, Campbeltown

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