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Our website contains a great range of Irish Wolfhound merchandise for every Irish Wolfhound lover and Irish Wolfhound owner. The products we have available include Irish Wolfhound Throws, Irish Wolfhound Cushions and Irish Wolfhound Shoulder Bags. 


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General Information On Irish Wolfhounds


The Celts invaded Greece in 275 BC and there acquired dogs similar to greyhounds that then accompanied them on their conquests around Europe. These dogs may then have been crossed with mastiff type dogs to produce even larger dogs. The Romans then found these dogs when they invaded Britain in the early centuries AD. There are stories from Ireland of a great Irish hound in 200 BC to 200 AD. From written records of the 5th century it is known that breeding of dogs resembling the wolfhound type was very organised and profitable. So profitable that many of them were sold abroad, and given as gifts to royalty. These dogs were used for guarding, hunting boar, stag, elk and wolf. In the 15th and 16th centuries this hound was mainly used for hunting wolves. As so many of these Wolfhounds were being exported and wolves were still a problem in Britain in the mid 1600's, Oliver Cromwell stopped their export. When the last wolf was allegedly killed in Ireland in 1780 the Wolfhound decreased in numbers, so much so that it almost died out. Towards the end of the 1800's the Wolfhound was starting to make a slow comeback. They were being bred with Deerhounds and crossed occasionally to the Borzoi and Great Dane. They were first shown in the 1870's.


The Irish Wolfhound is a relatively easy dog to train. A gentle approach, with plenty of understanding, will be rewarded by an obedient dog. As puppies, they are very quiet and well behaved. Jumping up should be discouraged from day one as adult dogs can weigh a lot and will easily knock people over.


The Irish Wolfhound should have a large head with a long muzzle. The jaws should be strong and have a complete scissor bite. Both the nose and the lips should be black. The eyes should be oval and dark in colour. The ears should be small in size, rose-shaped, hanging away from the face and dark in colour. The neck should be long, strong, muscular and well arched with no loose skin at the throat. The chest should be very deep and the back long with the belly being well drawn up. The front legs should straight, strong and muscular, the back legs, strong, muscular and long. The feet should be large and round with well arched toes. The tail should be long, slightly curved and be well covered with hair. The coat should be rough and harsh and wiry over the eyes and jaw. The colours desired are grey, steel grey, brindle, red, black, white, fawn and wheaten.


As with many of the larger breeds, Irish Wolfhound puppies must be restricted in their activities. Their bones and joints can be damaged and they must be carefully supervised when playing with older more active dogs. They should be allowed to run freely as puppies as they need to build muscle, but with supervision. Taking them on long walks especially with other dogs can cause problems. Long periods of rests are essential for puppies on a daily basis. A large garden with a suitably high fence is a must as they will wander off on their own. As older dogs, they love a long walk in the countryside but will adapt to lesser exercise if necessary without it being a problem. Irish wolfhounds do not jump fences as a rule although, bear in mind, there is always the exception to the rule!


The Irish Wolfhound is a friendly, loyal dog with a laid back outlook on life who rarely barks. They get on well with children and other dogs, although, in play, they can sometimes forget how big they actually are so they should be supervised when playing with smaller children and other pets. They are, however, gentle natured dogs and are calm and level-headed indoors, making them great companions. All visitors will be welcomed with a friendly greeting!


They do need regular grooming with brush and comb to keep the coat in good condition and it may be necessary to hand pluck them twice a year when they start to shed the dead hair.


The Irish Wolfhound can be grey, steel grey, brindle, red, black, white, cream, fawn or wheaten in colour.

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16/06/2020 Thank you so much for the sea dog cushion, fast postage and well packaged. A quality item at a great price here it is in situ in our boat, I Love it. Thanks again Diana, Campbeltown

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