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Collie Gifts 

Our website contains a great range of Collie merchandise for every Collie lover and Collie owner. The products we have available include Collie Throws, Collie Cushions and Collie Shoulder Bags. 


So if there's a Collie lover in your life, choose from our range Collie gifts by clicking on the following link:


Collie Product Information


The Collie  shoulder bags are constructed of high quality, 100% natural cotton. Measuring 17" wide by 17" tall with two black canvas straps, the bag can hold an array of items.


The Collie Cushions are made from 100% natural cotton and measure 17" by 17". The cushion pad (inner) complies with the furniture and furnishings regulations 1988 and is removable.


The Collie throw available measures 54 inches by 54 inches and is made from 100% all natural high-quality cotton. 


All our Collie  products is manufactured to the highest standards and can be purchased with the knowledge that we offer a full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied with your purchase.


Collie Products Currently Available


Collies Shoulder Bag


Collies Tapestry Cushion


Collies Throw


Rough Collie Tapestry Cushion


Rough Collie Shoulder Bag


Rough Collie Throw 

General Information On Collies


The dog most widely recognized as and usually called simply Collie evolved from the same root stock as the other Scottish herding dogs. The breed often is referred to as the Scotch Collie. It is believed they are the descendants of dogs accompanying Roman invaders of 50 BC interbred with native Scottish dogs. When Queen Victoria visited Scotland in 1860, she first glimpsed the working Collie and brought several back with her to England. The royal stamp of approval skyrocketed the breed to instant fame. Over the next few years the points so admired- the elongated, narrow, chiseled head and the rough coat-were emphasized by breeders, creating the look we know today.

The Collie soon became "the dog of the moment," which accelerated with the Lad stories by Albert Pay son Terhune and the Lassie films and television series. During their peak, Collies were a common sight on many farms. The breed rode the crest of popularity, but eventually stabilized to the moderate universal appeal it knows today.

Its sweet expression and tipped ears are considered the stamp of the breed and a highly im-portant consideration in show dogs. The Smooth variety is judged by the same standard as the Rough Collie, with the exception of coat. Their colors are rich and striking, often set off by the Irish pattern of white markings. The rough collie coat needs regular brushing to maintain its striking good looks; the smooth offers easy grooming.

The Collie is a superb children´s loyal companion, always willing to give and accept adoration and to play when human playmates are more fickle. Universally gentle and docile with his family, he is an equally good choice for adults. The first recipient (in 1954) of the Dog Hero award, honored by the Quaker Oats Company Ken-L Ration division, was a Collie, and the breed has continued to garner its share of Dog Heroes since that first year.

Collies are so adoring of their families that they will endure incredible hardships to be with them. One, named "Bobbie," journeyed 2,000 miles to find his people again after being lost on the family´s vacation trip!




28/01/2020 Cushions arrived at 12.30 and are just what we wanted! Gordon, Crediton

23/01/2020 I ordered 4 spindle chair seat pads in jumbo cord green with ties a couple of weeks ago. I received them and love them. I would like to order 4 more please! I'm not sure what size I ordered last time but will you be able to find out using my address from my previous order? Manda, Redruth

13/01/2020 Thank you for your very rapid processing! I look forward to receiving the goods… as well as my grandson! Anne-Sophie, Kraainem, Belgium

11/11/2019 The cushions arrived and they are great. Thank you for organising the manufacturing of the second cushion - much appreciated. Claire, Aberlour

03/11/2019 Received Berry Plaid Red Squirrel doorstop and love it - thank you! Julie, Weston Super Mare

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