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Boxer Dog Gifts 

Our range of Boxer Dog Gifts include Boxer And Puppy Cushion, Boxer Throwovers, Boxer Cushions and Boxer Shoulder Bags. All our Boxer Dog Gifts will make an ideal present for all Boxer Dog owners. 

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Boxer Dog Products Currently Available


Boxer Coaster On Natural Welsh Slate

Boxer Doormat

Boxer Fridge Magnet On Natural Welsh Slate

Boxer & Puppy Shoulder Bag

Boxer & Puppy Tapestry Cushion

Boxer & Puppy Throw

Boxer Brindle Tapestry Cushion

Boxer Shoulder Bag

Boxer Tapestry Cushion

Boxer Throw

General Information Boxers 

The boxer was originally used for bull baiting and as a guard dog, today they are mainly companions and are popular show dogs. 

The boxer is not really a greedy dog. When feeding a boxer it is better that they are fed twice a day as they are very active, always on the go looking for their next adventure. Some boxers have a sensitive digestive system; this will mean that they have to stick to a strict diet, with no treats. A dry food is often favoured for this breed. It is also fairly common for a boxer to appear thin when it is an adolescent, so do not overfeed to compensate. 

The breed in general does not have a very long life span, 7 to 10 years, but as in any breed there is always an exception to this rule. 

The average litter size is around 6, but this can vary greatly. Sometimes only 2 are produced while at other times it can be 10 or even more. 

The boxer is a medium sized dog, very muscular, sturdy and deep chested. They have a short muzzle and a slightly upturned chin. The head and muzzle have wrinkly skin, which gives the boxer its unique appearance. When this dog moves it covers the ground quickly. The gait makes it look very noble, and the movement shows great energy in the powerful looking legs. The boxer is built to cover many types of ground. 

The boxer was derived from two mastiff type dogs used as hunting dogs in the middle ages in Germany. These dogs were used to hunt boar, bear and deer. These ancestors of the Boxer were also used for bull-baiting when this became a sport. In the 19th century these breeds were crossed with the Bulldog and the Boxer was created. The breed has been very popular in Europe since early this century; however the first Boxer to be registered with the Kennel Club in Britain was in 1933. 

As the Boxer is an intelligent breed he needs to be dominated when being trained. They are quick to learn good habits as well as the not so good ones. They need to know that their owner knows best as they can be quite wilful. 

This dog is of square build, with strong bone and obvious well developed muscles. The muzzle and the skull should be in proportion, a powerful muzzle, never small in comparison with the skull. They have an undershot jaw, that is the lower jaw protrudes moderately beyond the upper jaw and bends slightly upward. The eyes should be dark brown, showing a lively and intelligent expression. The rim of the eyes should be dark, fully pigmented, and not be showing any haw. The ears are set wide apart at the highest part of the skull and lying close to the cheek, they should have a crease when dog is alert. The neck is muscular and strong, and it should have a distinct clean outline down to the withers. The chest should be deep, reaching down to the elbows, ribs well sprung and not barrel shaped. The back should be short, straight, and slightly sloping. The feet should be small and cat like with well arched toes, the hind feet are slightly longer than the front. If docked, the tail should be set on high and carried upward. If undocked, again it should be set on high and carried gaily but not curled over the back. It should be of moderate thickened and in overall balance to the rest of the dog. The preferred colours for the show ring are shades of red through to light fawn or brindle with or without white.


13/01/2020 Thank you for your very rapid processing! I look forward to receiving the goods… as well as my grandson! Anne-Sophie, Kraainem, Belgium

11/11/2019 The cushions arrived and they are great. Thank you for organising the manufacturing of the second cushion - much appreciated. Claire, Aberlour

03/11/2019 Received Berry Plaid Red Squirrel doorstop and love it - thank you! Julie, Weston Super Mare

29/10/2019 I’m delighted with the new custom bench cushion that arrived last week- it is certainly up to your usual high quality! Linde, Ledbury

21/10/2019 Thank you for the cushions - my friend was absolutely delighted and loved loved loved them. Well worth the wait! Gail, Griffith, Australia

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