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Our website contains a great range of Akita merchandise for every Akita lover and Akita owner. The products we have available include Akita Throws, Akita Cushions and Akita Shoulder Bags.

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General Information On Akitas 

The Akita is the largest of all the Japanese breeds and was originally bred in the province of Akita in the 1600´s. Some believe the dogs were originally bred for hunting such prey as wild boar, deer and black bear, others believe they were bred for pit fighting. However, when the Japanese (and European) dog-fighting sport lost favour, the dogs were then employed for hunting. In the late 19th century other breeds such as the German Shepherd Dog and the Pointer were imported, making the Japanese breeds suffer in popularity. The Society for Preservation of Japanese Dogs was then formed for the purpose of preserving the native breeds. This Society then declared that all native breeds were national monuments. After World War 1, Akitas were protected because they were becoming so scarce and The Akita Inu Hozankai Society of Japan was founded in 1927 to preserve the breed. In the 1930´s, the Akita was so rare that only the very wealthy could afford to buy one, if indeed one could be found! 

This is a bossy but intelligent breed and, therefore, needs to be controlled. Having said that, however, they do react badly to harsh methods of training. Never hit or punish an Akita. They need firm, loving discipline. Consistency in approach and positive reinforcement is the key to success, as is starting training from a very early age. 

The head should be long and flat with a defined stop and broad forehead. Jaws should be strong with a complete scissor bite. The eyes are relatively small, almond-shaped and dark brown in colour. The ears, again are small, thick and triangular carried forward over the eyes, firmly erect and slightly rounded at the tips. The neck should be thick and muscular and relatively short with a pronounced crest blending into the back of the skull. The shoulders are strong and powerful with very tight elbows. The forelegs should be well-boned and straight and the hindquarters strong and muscular with well-developed thighs. The feet should be thick, well-knuckled and very tight. Dewclaws on hind legs should be removed. The tail is large and full, set high and carried over the back in a three-quarter, full or double curl and should dip down to or below the level of the back.

13/01/2020 Thank you for your very rapid processing! I look forward to receiving the goods… as well as my grandson! Anne-Sophie, Kraainem, Belgium

11/11/2019 The cushions arrived and they are great. Thank you for organising the manufacturing of the second cushion - much appreciated. Claire, Aberlour

03/11/2019 Received Berry Plaid Red Squirrel doorstop and love it - thank you! Julie, Weston Super Mare

29/10/2019 I’m delighted with the new custom bench cushion that arrived last week- it is certainly up to your usual high quality! Linde, Ledbury

21/10/2019 Thank you for the cushions - my friend was absolutely delighted and loved loved loved them. Well worth the wait! Gail, Griffith, Australia

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